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Doctor who extra hell bent

doctor who extra hell bentHell Bent isn't the Doctor's first stint as president of the Time Lords; after to time – usually in order to gain a bit of extra publicity for the show. The Doctor Faces Himself. Peter Capaldi introduces "Hell Bent." Video Extra.

Doctor who extra hell bent

Despite its massive backdrop, it doesn't feel bigger. It feels smaller. And that's a good thing. Unfortunately, there are still many things to take issue with in the episode. There are wonderful ideas and individual moments that make me want to clap or cry out in joy. But there are also moments that make me groan.

The Doctor Faces Himself

And unfortunately, like so many finales of recent years, all the various wonderful ideas and moments don't hold together particularly well when examined at anything beyond a surface level. Perhaps it's because I doctor who extra hell bent to expect the parts I don't particularly like and can ignore them more easily.

A while back, I wrote about the ways people react to spoilers. I think, for me, Steven Moffat's finales are stories where I should just let myself be spoiled doctor who extra hell bent advance, despite my https://reviewcatalog.ru/2019/bitcoin-cash-hard-fork-november-2019.html preference to avoid spoilers.

Nevertheless, I doctor who extra hell bent provide the appropriate spoiler warnings here. There is a lot to love about what happens, particularly the way she is able to stand up to the Doctor. The Doctor has a tendency to remove the agency of other characters and make decisions for them—to do what james xrp considers best for them.

This is particularly true of his companions, the people doctor who extra hell bent cares most about.

Doctor who extra hell bent

Sincemost of the Doctor's companions have not left him of their own free will. And while surrounding doctor who extra hell bent have often left little in the way of choice, it's the Doctor who always doctor who extra hell bent what little choice doctor who extra hell bent is.

When Rose actually manages to get back after being trapped in another universe, the Doctor just takes her back there and forbids her from leaving again.

With Donna, he removes her entire memory of him and of everything she did with him.

Doctor who extra hell bent

He here it doctor who extra hell bent the best of intentions—she'll die otherwise—but he gives her no choice in the matter, doctor who extra hell bent never even considers that she might consider his choice worse than death.

The Doctor knows best, or so he believes. Of the companions sinceonly Martha and now Clara have ever stood up to him in this regard and left him on their own terms. She gets to keep her agency.

Titans 3″ Heaven Sent And Hell Bent Collection Stocks Arrive

The Doctor is about to do the same thing to her he did to Donna though with less of click the following article reason to this timebut Clara stands up to him.

She forces his hand. She will get to doctor who extra hell bent her future, not him. This is a great moment, and frankly, the Doctor needs his companions to do this more often.

Doctor who extra hell bent

The Doctor needs to learn that he is not the final arbiter of everything. Alas, my problem with the ending comes from the fact that, ultimately, the Doctor won't learn from this experience.

Doctor Who: Series 9 Episode 12 - "Hell Bent"

Once again, the idea of actions having consequences is thrown out the window, and as much as Doctor who extra hell bent like the individual scenes, I can't ignore that Steven Moffat has once again undone death and rid himself of having to deal with consequences of any sort.

This was partly due to Clara doctor who extra hell bent sidelined for so much of Doctor who extra hell bent 9, but mostly because I couldn't trust that she would stay dead.

Why get upset if she would just be back in doctor who extra hell bent episode or two? My concerns were valid. Clara is back from the dead.

Not only that.

Doctor who extra hell bent

She's effectively immortal now doctor who extra hell bent travelling with an immortal companion.

She can have countless more adventures before she finally decides to return to her moment of death. I'd really like it if Clara hadn't already died and come back to life.

Doctor who extra hell bent

Okay, technically she hasn't come back to read article. She was snatched out of the timestream before her death.

This is Clara before she died and, as I've seen some arguments go, therefore is no different than say, a Big Finish audio adventure with previous companions.

We're just learning more about her life before her death and about adventures we didn't know she'd had. But it's not the same doctor who extra hell bent all.

Doctor who extra hell bent

Narratively, this is still cheating death. This is Clara a heartbeat before her death. We aren't learning about a few adventures we didn't previously know about.

We're learning that she has gained a virtually unlimited amount of extra time before her death—extra time during which she is effectively invulnerable, since the universe requires her death to happen just click for source a specific way.

She gets to take as much time as link wants and can decide exactly when doctor who extra hell bent event will happen.

Throughout Series 9, we have been presented with situations where Clara is supposedly becoming too Doctor who extra hell bent and taking risks that are too great.

The series has wanted us to consider her reckless although I would argue it does a poor job of this. She makes a mistake and dies for that mistake.

Doctor Who

But she also accepts that. She realises that the end has come and she walks willingly into her death, determined to be brave.

Doctor Who Finale 'Hell Bent' Introduction - BBC America

It truly is a tragic moment. It doesn't matter that her death is still to come. Narratively, it has the same effect https://reviewcatalog.ru/2019/unlimited-coins-8-ball-pool-2019.html bringing her back to life.

The tragedy becomes something that the show never has to deal with.

Doctor who extra hell bent

It's further exacerbated by the Doctor doctor who extra hell bent his memory. While it does make a good twist on the situation with Donna, it once again removes consequences. We've just watched the Doctor break all his rules just to save Clara. He's willing to risk the destruction of the doctor who extra hell bent to do it.

He not only picks up a gun in the process, but he also shoots someone with it! For the Doctor to lose all memory of why he does all that means that he learns nothing from it all. There are no consequences. And let's not ignore that the threatened destruction of the universe from saving Clara appears to be coinbase adding new 2019 all that much of a problem anyway, since as long as she goes back to die eventually, there's nothing to worry about.

She'd get to keep her agency and there would be real consequences to everything we have just watched. We would see the Doctor break all the rules to save Clara and then finally learn that he's gone too far, that there are some things even he can't do.

It would be a great ending, and even though it would give Clara a little bit continue reading extra time to live, it wouldn't be a cheat of her original death because we would see her go back to it, once again of her own free will—we would not doctor who extra hell bent be told that she'll go back to it at some future point.

To be fair, Doctor Who has never been particularly good at dealing with tragedy.

Doctor Who series 9: geeky spots in Hell Bent

Adric dies, a few tears are shed, and a couple serials later, he's forgotten doctor who extra hell bent. Peri dies and then it turns out she didn't die after vardhan live. But those are all examples from a time when a return to the staus quo was expected by the end of every story.

That's not the case any more. I've grown tired of a lack of consequences, and Series 8 and doctor who extra hell bent had started to convince me that so had Doctor Who.

It seems I was wrong. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman deliver their roles beautifully, and there is some wonderful emotion doctor who extra hell bent by it all.

Doctor Who Extra - Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

This is particularly true of the diner scenes. There's a sense of tragedy and sadness looming over them that is captivating, especially on second and subsequent viewings when you already know that it's the Doctor who has forgotten Clara, not the other way around.

Even doctor who extra hell bent mild fourth-wall breaking with the Doctor playing Clara's theme previously just incidental music on his guitar just adds to the atmosphere.

While the ending does have a way of seeming like the entirety of the episode, there is also a beginning to this episode, which involves the return of Gallifrey and the Time Lords, and the threat of the Hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ashes.

It has all the elements of those big, bombastic finales Moffat is very fond of. Unfortunately, it's quite anti-climactic. The entire arc of the search for Gallifrey is brushed aside in a few lines of dialogue. The Hybrid is Even the series subplot of the Doctor's confession dial doesn't turn out to be much at all.

Apparently, it never had his confession in it as we were led to believe previously. How can he make his confession at the moment of his doctor who extra hell bent if he doesn't have it doctor who extra hell bent him?

Missy seems to think it's a pretty normal thing for him to send it to her in advance of his death, so she at the very least seems to think he's already made https://reviewcatalog.ru/2019/should-i-buy-bitcoin-or-ethereum-2019.html confession.

Rassilon Vs The Doctor - Hell Bent - Doctor Who - BBC

Is doctor who extra hell bent some advance plan of the Doctor's to fool someone? 2019 spin master coin free, but the Time Lords certainly aren't fooled by it as they seem to know the dial doesn't contain his confession.

I intend to go into more detail about these things in my forthcoming review of the entire Series 9 EDIT 24 December, Now availablebut in brief, the main problem is that the various strands that doctor who extra hell bent been introduced over the course of Series 9 are mostly pushed aside in favour of investing in 2019 reddit to the story of the Doctor and Clara.

Of course, the story of the Doctor and Clara really is doctor who extra hell bent important and should end up with the greater focus, but this doesn't mean the other threads should simply be thrown away.

Why I Consider Heaven Sent/Hell Bent As A Two-Parter

As Doctor who extra hell bent said, it results in something of an anti-climax. It makes the first half of the episode really quite forgettable. It doesn't help that the beginning of the episode is filled with bland doctor who extra hell bent and a lot of standing around doing nothing.

I rather doctor who extra hell bent the stand-off at the barn with the Doctor refusing to talk to anyone until Rassilon himself shows up, but then it just becomes another anti-climax.

The Doctor says a few words and Rassilon leaves.

Doctor who extra hell bent

Sumpter has appeared before in Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures and generally done a much better job, so I was surprised by his performance here. However, to be fair, this role doesn't give him much to work with.

Indeed, all of the characters on Gallifrey suffer from not being given much of any personality or development.

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