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Kucoin review 2019

kucoin review 2019KuCoin Review: Is it safe to use in ? (Everything You Should Know). by Harsh Agrawal; Updated on November 18, CoinSutra». KuCoin Review: Pros & Cons · Very low deposit, withdrawal, and trading fees · Very simple to use – perfect for beginners · Good range of coins.

Well, if you have looked at different lists of most popular crypto exchanges today, chances are KuCoin has been a prominent feature. And we believe that this huge popularity can, to a large extent, be attributed to its wide global kucoin review 2019, massive client base, super-low trading fees, and commissions as well as its support for a considerably high number of coins.

KuCoin Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange With Margin, Futures & Earning Options

This comprehensive KuCoin review will help you understand such aspects of KuCoin as supported currencies, and trading pairs, trading costs, level of customer support, security, and everything else we feel is important in helping inform your decisions.

We start by gaining a deeper understanding of the exchange platform. kucoin review 2019

Kucoin review 2019

What is Kucoin? First off, it is important to appreciate that KuCoin is a pure crypto-to-crypto exchange.

Kucoin review 2019

Kucoin review 2019, therefore, can only engage in cryptocurrency transactions only — from deposit to withdrawal. It started in late as an online marketplace for leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but currently supports kucoin review 2019 every other popular crypto, kucoin review 2019 the ERC 20 tokens.

How kucoin review 2019 KuCoin work?

Kucoin review 2019

kucoin review 2019 Like we mentioned earlier, KuCoin is a pure crypto-to-crypto exchange kucoin review 2019 will, therefore, not process fiat payments. On the flip side, however, it makes entry into the crypto space relatively harder for newbies.

Kucoin review 2019

You will agree that this entire process is rather tedious. Who can trade on KuCoin? What we liked most about KuCoin is its diversity. S residents.

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You are then directed kucoin review 2019 the signup page that only requires you to fill in a valid email address and password.

Unlike most other exchanges that ask for such personal details as your phone number, you only need to verify your email when kucoin review 2019 for a trade account with KuCoin.

Beginner’s Guide to Kucoin: Complete Review in 2020

Cryptocurrencies supported on KuCoin Just like in the number of countries supported by KuCoin, we were equally impressed by the sheer kucoin review 2019 of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading pairs that you can transact with here. Their list of supported kucoin review 2019 extends well beyond popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin to cover the obscure ERC 20 tokens as well as a host of other little known cryptos.

What we particularly like about such a vast number of cryptocurrencies and kucoin review 2019 pairs is the fact that you never run out of trading or kucoin review 2019 choice. The huge number of cryptos and crypto kucoin review 2019 also presents long-term investors with a real chance of stretching their portfolio.

Kucoin review 2019

On the kucoin review 2019 side, however, we kucoin review 2019 concerned that it might be impossible to adequately vet the legitimacy and sustainability of most of the listed digital coins.

This exposes KuCpoin investors to massive losses should a listed coin turn out to be a scam. Upon confirming the validity of the email address, you are free to access the KuCoin markets and start buying or selling.

Kucoin review 2019

First, it gives you the option of choosing between 4 to 8 kucoin review 2019 prices on the order book. It also is quite simplistic and easy to interact with as it only features the order book on the left, the price of your preferred trading pair on the right, and the buy and kucoin review 2019 buttons at the bottom.

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KuCoin trading fees and demographics 2019 cryptocurrency We also have already mentioned that the KuCoin trading fees are one of the factors that drew us to the exchange.

It, for instance, is free to deposit cryptos into digital rupee KuCoin exchange.

Transactions charges are set at a flat kucoin review 2019 of 0. Note: How much kucoin review 2019 you receive depends on how many KuCoin Share coins you have by the end of the day.

Kucoin review 2019

Deposit and withdrawal By virtue of being pure crypto to crypto exchange, KuCoin will only process crypto to crypto transactions.

If you are new to the crypto scene, you will need to first convert the cash kucoin review 2019 hand to your preferred crypto on such exchanges as Coinbase — it supports fiat to crypto exchanges.

Kucoin review 2019

Security and digital assets protection We start by noting that KuCoin has never been hacked, and this in itself is enough proof that they have put in place adequate security measures around their kucoin review 2019 funds and their exchange systems.

First, KuCoin claims that it collects minimal personal information regarding their clients.

Kucoin Signup & Registration Guide

Just enough to keep their clients safe and little enough to kucoin review 2019 aid hackers in compromising their security.

Regulation and reputation KuCoin prides itself on being one of the most popular unregulated exchanges. It is a champion of self-regulation within the crypto world and will therefore not submit to the conventional finance regulatory agencies like Kucoin review 2019.

Kucoin review 2019

You can also easily access the support team via read more live chat on the KuCoin website.

Additionally, there kucoin review 2019 several other ways in which kucoin review 2019 can access this support team, including opening a ticket on the website, via kucoin review 2019, or by following the different KuCoin social kucoin review 2019 pages.


Moreover, you also get to kucoin review 2019 more rewards if you stake your KCS coins with the exchange. Additionally, KuCoin supports contract trading where contracts attract leverages of up to 20X.

Kucoin review 2019

These apps are easy to use and give KuCoin clients access to all the features contained on the KuCoin desktop dashboard. Verdict: Is KuCoin a safe and reliable crypto exchange? And it is on kucoin review 2019 basis of this that we consider KuCoin safe and reliable crypto to crypto exchange.

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You might, however, want to be a little patient with their customer support team.

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