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Bankers 2020

bankers 2020The Banker (). PG | 2h | Biography, Drama | 20 March (USA). The Banker. Critics Consensus. The Banker's timid approach to dramatizing its fact-based story is often outweighed by the trio of strong performances at its core.

Plot[ edit ]Bernard Garrett wants to get into real estate but encounters racism that prevents him from being a successful bankers 2020 estate investor.

Bankers 2020

bankers 2020 After a chance encounter with wealthy club owner Joe Morris, he convinces Joe to be his co-investor.

Together they convince Matt Steiner, a white man, to pose as the front of the bankers 2020 2020 in meetings to facilitate the sales.

BNP Paribas is Investment Bank of 2020 in four categories: The Banker

bankers 2020 Eventually, they become extremely successful in Los Angeles real estate, with the two teaching Matt the basics of real estate investing. The three secure a number of properties in L.

Bankers 2020

After this success, he sets his sights on the local bank in his Texas hometown to give loans to the black residents. Racist bank practices had excluded black people bankers 2020 receiving loans for small businesses bankers 2020 homeownership. Joe bankers 2020 the idea at first but eventually relents and the three to Texas.

Bankers 2020

Matt buys the bank, fronting for Bernard and Joe, but the local townspeople are extremely suspicious of this move.

A bank executive tracks the records of the loans and discovers that they're giving loans to black people, follows Matt and discovers that his bankers 2020 are black, then bankers 2020 them with exposure which would cause "a run on the bank.

The bankers 2020 bank executive calls in a https://reviewcatalog.ru/2020/robert-kiyosaki-bitcoin-2020.html investigator who checks the records of Matt's bank and discovers numerous infractions attributable to Matt's carelessness.

Bankers 2020

https://reviewcatalog.ru/2020/lol-worlds-2020-song.html Matt, Bernard and Joe get arrested bankers 2020 violating federal banking laws. Facing a year prison term, Matt takes a plea deal, falsely bankers 2020 that he was duped by Bernard and Joe.

Bankers 2020

The next day, Bernard testifies passionately about bankers 2020 people being given the same opportunity for upward mobility here whites.

He and Joe are convicted and serve time in prison; upon release, they go with Bernard's wife Eunice to live in the Bahamas in two homes bankers 2020 Matt had purchased for them with money Bernard had entrusted to him for that purpose the night before Bernard's testimony.

Bankers 2020

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