- 05.03.2020

Electrum vs jaxx

electrum vs jaxxHi guy, want ask pro guys, what would be better wallet, I was doing my research security etc and im between this too, actually i got Jaxx already. reviewcatalog.ru › Bitcoin › comments › electrum_vs_jaxx.

And it's not open-source if to consider this as electrum vs jaxx trustworthy in blockchain community.

Electrum vs jaxx

Multibit project at all, including Multibit HD, is not more supported which was officially published on July 26th, On read article other hand, Exodus is a newcomer and info about it looks mostly kind of sponsored, not yet many feedbacks from real users of Exodus.

Upcoming forks vs jaxx it intensively electrum vs jaxx and gains recognition in blockchain community. It's not fully electrum vs jaxx but founder can make it that way in future, he mentioned about six months ago.

Electrum vs jaxx

So, till electrum vs jaxx Electrum looks the most trustworthy desktop wallet in blockchain community, compared to the above mentioned. It's open-source, it has even portable version for Windows, and version for Linux, and version for Go here. Yet it is only for bitcoin till today.

Electrum vs jaxx

We may just hope, who knows, maybe they will add some more cryptocoins into it sooner or later… Also they say there electrum vs jaxx another analogue of Electrum in all meanings, indeed more user-friendly for a electrum vs jaxx and more electrum vs jaxx and feature-rich.

That is also well and long known software wallet Copay. Well, hope that electrum vs jaxx happen really soon….

Electrum vs jaxx

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