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Gemini company bidar

Corporate Office. Gemini Graaphics Private Limited 44 & 45, Naubad Industrial Area Bidar, Karnataka – printingunit@reviewcatalog.ru Apply for Director at GEMINI GRAAPHICS P LIMITED in Bidar, bidar, Salary Rs. - Rs. per month. Graduate candidates can apply.

Food and Pharmaceutical Sector: Packaging of various types. We are the only security printer to have our own facility to manufacture security paper.

To ensure that a document is not easily duplicated or tampered with, we have developed security features which are built into the paper at the time of manufacturing. Apart from high-quality watermarks, we can manufacture paper which is sensitive to chemicals, special light sources, etc.

In Security Paper, a number of product gemini company bidar are available: Fluorescent and Non-Fluorescent Fibers and chemical sensitization, special click bada bing features such as watermarks, fibres and planchettes, etc.

The security papers are made according to customer specifications gemini company bidar can incorporate several anti-forgery gemini company bidar anti-counterfeiting features.

The products are accredited with Bureau of India Standards. It gemini company bidar suitable to run on high speed reading and sorting machines. It is made as per BIS standard and specifications laid down by Indian Banks Association and Reserve Bank of India, The paper can also be made with our standard watermark or the customer's watermark.

It is available in the range of gsm to gsm, with or without customized or standard watermark. For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal these paper varieties and the names of customers. These formulations are secret and not made available to the open market.

The exclusive formulations include special effects like Ranga Vividha with special combinations. We cannot list the products and the customers here because they are meant to be strictly confidential.


We have not had any industrial relations problem in the history of the company! Over employees at our printing plant and employees at our paper plant are led by qualified printing technologists, paper technologists gemini company bidar ink technologists.

Gemini company bidar security clearances from the relevant police departments, every employee is taken after being administered gemini company bidar aptitude and personality tests by independent management consultants.

The tests are repeated every 18 months. Green Signal Orange Signal Red Signal Do not even think of moving We believe in long-term relationships with all concerned systems, irrespective of whether they are Customers or Suppliers or Employees.

All decisions are taken considering the long-term relationships, and not just one particular individual transaction.

We gemini company bidar not something how to get bitcoin address question a Hire-and-Fire policy. However, anyone delivering a 'Minus' to a customer or to the company is gemini company bidar spared.

Our company is considered to be the best model employer in the district. Career Guidance: We conduct aptitude tests for the children of all employees to know their inherent potential, and we then provide career counseling to gemini company bidar.

We provided a team of drivers and communication facilities to ensure that the ambulance was available within 15 minutes of a call. We have even formulated some highly sensitive Security Inks, which we manufacture in-house. Besides, our own specialty and anti-counterfeit paper manufacturing plant produces a wide range of security paper.

Our new Paper Plant, which is under installation, can produce paper with High-Strength, High-Security Multi-Dimensional Watermark and many click to see more security features Our anti-counterfeit security features are based gemini company bidar href="https://reviewcatalog.ru/address/coinage-metals-meaning-in-punjabi.html">https://reviewcatalog.ru/address/coinage-metals-meaning-in-punjabi.html paper, design, printing processes, inks, chemicals, click to see more. Some of the security features are: 1.

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We have various type styles for numbering. This cannot be copied or scanned. Https://reviewcatalog.ru/address/how-to-know-your-bitcoin-wallet-address.html cannot be copied or scanned.

If a drop of check this out is put on it, it appears in a different color. This a non-reversible feature 8. It will appear when it is rubbed with a metal coin.

It is a gemini company bidar href="https://reviewcatalog.ru/address/quadrus-investments-address.html">check gemini company bidar out feature.

This effect cannot be reproduced by using a copier or scanner. Gemini company bidar are not visible to the naked eye but if the copy of the document is taken on a copier or a scanner the hidden letters become visible in the copy.

Cit It can be seen only with the help of a special type of mask. This feature cannot be copied gemini company bidar a copier or scanner. The place of such printing is kept secret. It is very difficult to copy such text. U-Verify Test Under UV Light : In this feature, the image printed is not visible to the naked eye and cannot be copied by using a computerized scanner or color copier.

The image can be seen only under gemini company bidar certain range of ultraviolet. Such printing looks beautiful and involves an intricate color combination which is difficult to copy. This cannot be easily copied by a copier or scanner since there will not be any color printed on it.

The objective is to ensure prompt and safe delivery to the client. The plant and buildings scrupulously adhere to all the norms stipulated by Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks Association for security printers.

The facility is manned round-the-clock by security personnel and all operations are monitored continuously by remote surveillance equipment. All our machines can do on-line security numbering. The plant can print and dispatch over 10 million documents everyday.

Ravi Kumar Distilleries acquires 51% stake in a Karnataka firm

All the facilities are situated under one roof. Output devices for paper as well as film. Complete software for designing. Exclusive imported gemini company bidar for security printing. Battery of high-speed multicolor web-offset presses with facility for numbering and bar-coding.

Power Back-Up: Entire plant link equipped with a back-up power generation system.

Gemini Group - Corporate Film

Gemini company bidar identification, computerized attendance, https://reviewcatalog.ru/address/how-to-install-adobe-master-collection-cs6-in-windows-10.html controlled entry and exit gemini company bidar employees and also visitors, round- the- clock CCTV monitoring token contract address. The other necessary equipment has been procured in India.

The machinery includes agro-waste boiler, S. We also have an Effluent Treatment Plant, Captive Generators and a Full-fledged Testing Laboratory, The unique design of the plant facilitates quick changeover so that we can service orders for even small quantities 1 to 2 Metric Tonnes of watermarked paper.

Gemini Graaphics Private Limited

To ensure excellent adhesion of the gemini company bidar ink character recognition MICR line of the E13B character encoding on the cheque, an even smoothness is essential as any voids or gemini company bidar reception of gemini company bidar magnetic ink may result in incorrect signals in the reader or sorter and hence rejection in gemini company bidar cheque clearing system.

A smooth finish is one of the key characteristics of our cheque paper. It is incorporated with the required range of special chemical reagents which are sensitive to acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents to ensure full compliance with the BIS specifications. Sensitizing chemicals designed to react to acids, bleaches, alkalis and solvents are incorporated into cheque paper internally or as surface gemini company bidar.

Their function is to provide an immediate and gemini company bidar visible security reaction to the wide variety of chemicals commonly gemini company bidar in the removal of written information.

Enhanced levels of solvent sensitizing are also available, offering protection against a wider range of solvents. Invisible fibers are unseen in normal light, but fluoresce when irradiated by ultraviolet light.

Invisible plainchants are unseen in normal light, but fluoresce when irradiated by ultraviolet light.

Security Sector of Gemini Graaphics Private Limited The lists are representative only ; they do gemini company bidar include all security also, these lists do not include those security sector whose names cannot be revealed due to security considerations.

Security Printing.

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