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Sent bsv to btc address

sent bsv to btc addressI sent BSV to a BTC address by mistake. I have learned that I may be able to recover the funds by exporting or sweeping (not sure which one). reviewcatalog.ru › questions › bsv-accidentally-sent-to-btc-wallet.

Sent bsv to btc address

Source code: address. A Bitcoin address is the hash of a public key.

Sent bsv to btc address

Although we do not know for sure why Satoshi designed addresses this way, it is likely the two layers of hashing are there sent bsv to btc address provide an extra layer of security in case the underlying elliptic curve cryptography is ever broken.

If attackers have to break through two go here functions just to get your public key, that makes attacks on the public key harder. Addresses are 20 bytes long in raw buffer format but are almost always encoded in Base 58 Sent bsv to btc address format, which is a convenient format for using on the internet.

Sent bsv to btc address

It is also robust against copy errors - if an error occurs in copying, the address is no longer valid, meaning you are very unlikely to send money to an address for sent bsv to btc address no one has the private key.

Addresses are derived from public keys, which in turn are derived from private keys. Two convenience methods allow you sent bsv to btc address derive addresses either from the public key or directly from the private key.


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Everything is mainnet by default, but if sent bsv to btc address are developing an app and want to do lots of testing without risking losing real money, you may want to use testnet.

The way P2SH works is that the output script is the hash of another script called the redeem script. The redeem script is a third script contained inside a pushdata in the spending input script.

Sent bsv to btc address

It is not recommended to use P2SH for anything, however bsv will maintain support so long as this style of script is being created on the blockchain. The key difference for a P2SH address is that it is the hash of a script instead of a public key and that in Base 58 format it starts with sent bsv to btc address '3' instead of a '1'.

Sent bsv to btc address

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